What we offer...

A solid grounding in basic nutrition, lifelong knowledge to help you maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle.
24/7 access to our private Facebook group. Your privacy is of great importance and no one will know you are a member or be able to see anything you share within the confines of the group.
Calorie & Macro targets tailored to your body composition and activity levels to achieve whichever goal you have in mind.
Support & Guidance from our group PT. Krystal Dawson is around daily to answer all your exercise-related questions and she also runs the ‘Workouts’ section of the group. (Remember, exercise is optional and is not mandatory for you to lose weight)
Video Walk-through, step-by-step guide to make sure you are eating and fuelling properly to achieve your goals
SCALE FEAR – Do you have a bad relationship with the scales? You've been using the scales wrong your entire life, learn how to combine them with a number of other methods to accurately track your progress and completely cure you of that fear.
Referral Scheme – You are going to be raving about the group to all your friends and for every new member you bring to the to the group, you will go into our monthly prize draw as a way of saying thank you.
T&C's - Your commitment to us is an initial payment of 3 months membership in advance, totalling £30, this is non refundable. After this period, you will continue to pay £10 a month for each additional month of membership.

Become a part of our strong & supportive community

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