What's included?

EDUCATION - A solid grounding in basic, real world nutrition. No made up terminology (syns, points, healthy extras) no jargon. We break down and simplify so it that what we teach can be understood at all levels, no matter your background or dieting history.
GOALS - We are going to show you how to personalise your calorie and macro targets and tailor them to your body composition, activity level and goals!
CHECK-IN - You will have regular 'check-ins' with our coaches where we will review, assess and adjust your plan as necessary to make sure you are always making the best possible progress.
LIVE CHATS - Interactive 'Live Chats' with all of our coaches where we discuss a wide range of current topics the the opportunity for Q&A or to discuss anything you're unsure of or would like to know more about. We also bring in expert guest speakers to talk on more specific topics (such as binge/emotional eating). These are all saved and available to catch up on at any time if you are unable to tune in live.
ACCESS - 24/7 Access to our 'Members Only' Facebook group. A safe and private space where we offer all support and guidance. This is where you will be able to interact with your fellow group-mates on a daily basis sharing in all the successes, wins and progress. But also where you can reach out if you are having a bad day and need a friendly ear.
RECIPES - On the 1st of every month we release a new recipe book containing 30 delicious new recipes for you to try. There is something for everyone and all recipes can be tweaked and adjusted to suit your lifestyle choices.
SHOPPING LISTS - Not sure where to start in the supermarket? Our Shopping lists cover all the big chains and are in place within the group so you can get off to quick start.
DIETARY LIFESTYLE - Vegetarian and Vegan members, especially, can struggle with some aspects of their diet. Not only do we have guides specific to these lifestyle choices, resident coach Big Nick is vegan and is always on hand for any questions you may have.
LIVE WORKOUTS - Live Workouts with our group PT. These can be done from the comfort of your own home and  are available to catch up on at any time. We are always open to suggestions on what sorts of workouts you'd like to see and do and we make sure there is always something for everyone and all physical ability levels!
RELATIONSHIPS - Scale/Food fear. Do you have a bad relationship with the scales? Do you have a bad relationship with food, or certain foods? Maybe you even avoid social occasions because of these things. Let us teach you how to overcome these things so that they lose their negative hold over you.
GYM & HOME WORKOUTS -  Do you have a gym membership? Or would you like to join a gym but you're just unsure where to start or what to do? Our dedicated workout section will have something for everyone of all experience levels.
GIVEAWAYS - Will power and motivation are great to help you get started, but they are in short supply and soon run out. This is why we re-invest in your success by giving away hundreds of pounds in prizes every month as well as running frequent challenges to help keep you focused and driven towards your goal.
SOCIAL - Munro Fitness was originally built on Instagram and we now have tens of thousands of posts from our members on the #MunroFitness hashtag. You can look it up on Instagram and see what our members are doing to smash their goals. Upon joining the group you will gain access to our Instagram user list where you will gain hundreds of followers overnight that are ready to support you and cheer you on every step of the way.
EATING OUT - Let us teach you to navigate enjoy meals, drinks, social gatherings, BBQ's etc. so that you can enjoy these things without having to go 'off-track'. We also release 5 high street nutritional guides on the 1st of every month covering a wide range of popular chains such as Costa, Cafe Nero, McDonalds, Burger King & Pizza Hut (Yes, you can still enjoy these things as part of a balanced diet!)
T&C's - Your commitment to us is an initial payment of 3 months membership in advance, totalling £30 or £45, this is non-refundable. After this period, you will continue to pay £10 or £15 a month for each additional month of membership.

Become a part of our strong & supportive community

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