Who Are We? 

Welcome to Munro Fitness & Nutrition. We are a mixed team of MNU Certified Nutritionists and Personal Trainers with a shared aim; to coach you, every step of the way, towards your desired goal. If you want to get fitter, faster, stronger, lighter or simply learn how to balance and manage your diet. We are here to support anyone on any path.


Munro Fitness was initially founded on Instagram and we have a huge online community. Curious? Click the icon above & you will have access to  80,000+ posts from our current members who use our #MUNROFITNESS hashtag to give you an insight in to a day in the life of a member.  You can also follow our member take-over account @Clan_Munro where a new member of the group takes over every Monday and gives you some insight in to how they go about their day.


Worried that you won't understand or won't 'get it'? Our group, and it’s content, is designed to be accessible to all. No matter your background or base-knowledge, our simplified, no-nonsense approach is going to help wipe the slate clean and debunk any of the myths you may believe before building a solid, nutritional foundation on which your journey with us will be built. Not only do you have the support of our coaching team behind you, you have a huge community of members behind you too!


What we do in our group is not 'One-size-fits-all'. You are not buying a 'meal plan' that only works for as long as you follow it. We will teach you how to balance your nutrition to achieve any goal in the healthiest way possible. Our aim is to get you to a point where you no longer need us, or any other 'diet/slimming group' ever again. Let us guide you through life's challenges: Thyroid, PCOS, diabetes, pregnancy, breastfeeding. 
We can support you all.


On the 1st of January 2018 the ‘Munro Fitness & Nutrition’ coaching group was born. We launched with around 200 members and due to the amazing success of that small group word soon spread and we have continued to grow over the last 24 months to community (or clan) over 2300 members-strong. In-line with this, my team has had to grow too and you now have 4 qualified and experienced coaches on hand to assist you day and night.

We are not set up like the big ‘Slimming Groups’ you may have tried in the past. These groups are designed to set you up for failure. Think about it. Do you lose weight when you’re ‘on-plan’ and then gain weight when you’re ‘off-plan’?
Have you been going back to the same slimming group year in year out to lose and re-gain the same weight over and over?
What if I told you that life does not need to be an endless cycle of ‘on-plan/off-plan’. That you shouldn’t need to lose and gain the same weight over and over again. Me and my team are here to help you get away from all that!

As a family man with 2 young boys, I appreciate the importance of being able to sit down together as a family and enjoy the same meals together. No one should be left in 'dietary-isolation' as I call it. Eating your 'diet' meal while everyone else is enjoying something you'd much rather be eating!

Let us help you get away from all that.

My goal is to make sure that you leave my group, not only at your goal but, armed with all the tools, knowledge, skills and CONFIDENCE to maintain your goal in the long term and NEVER have to pay to lose the same weight again.

Munro Fitness isn’t just about looking after you while you’re paying member, it’s about making sure you know how to look after yourself when you’re not.


A question I get asked a lot:
‘Will you be able to help me?’


Usually because people have been chewed up and spat out by the big slimming groups so many times they feel like they’re a lost cause.

That they should just accept they’ve gotten as far as they can go.

That there must be something wrong with their ‘metabolism’.

Maybe there’s just something wrong with you?

There isn’t!

You are not a lost cause and you can, and will, be helped.

You may feel like you have medical conditions that are standing in the way of you making progress. PCOS, diabetes, Hypothyroidism. You may be pregnant or breastfeeding. 

Let us help you overcome these obstacles you think are holding you back.

Munro Fitness is here to help you all!


You need very little to get started.

- A Facebook account (essential for group access)
- The 'MyFitnessPal' App (free version)
- Patience and a willingness to learn

And that’s it!

You are not going to be given unrealistic targets to hit. Exercise is obviously encouraged but completely optional. As a husband and father to two young boys, I understand how precious time can be, especially around work and other commitments.

One of the most rewarding things about what I do is knowing the changes I can make to your dietary and activity habits can have a knock-on effect on your whole family.

I have witnessed some incredible transformations from people that are not even members of our group. They've benefited purely from their wives and husbands being members.

If the quality of your diet improves, anyone you cook or are responsible for benefits too!

This isn't just an investment in you, it's an investment in everyone that you care, and are responsible, for.

Become a part of our strong & supportive community

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