Who Are We? 

The 'Munro Method' is a long-term nutritional strategy created by MNU Certified Nutritionist Jason Munro.

Sick and tired of seeing people become slaves to the yo-yo diet industry for most of their adult lives, Jason set about creating a plan that would HELP people achieve their goals and ensure that they received an education along the way so that they have everything they need to go on and MAINTAIN that success indefinitely.


We do not believe in the one-size-fits-all approach. You are not buying some set meal plan that only works for as long as you follow it. Nor are you signing up for some quick-fix. We will empower you through education and one-on-one support, teaching you everything you need to know to successfully achieve your goals whilst prioritising your overall health, physical & mental. We want you to reach a point where you no longer need us or any other diet/slimming group ever again. We are fully qualified to coach you through some of life's challenges, such as: Thyroid issues, PCOS, diabetes and pregnancy.


Are we worried that you won't understand or won't get it? You're not alone, and many have felt the exact same way. This is why our approach is aimed at an absolute beginners level. No matter your background or base-knowledge, our simplified, no-nonsense approach is going to help you wipe the slate clean and debunk the myths and poor nutritional information you have been exposed to in the past. I dare say you'll be somewhat baffled when you realise just how simple weight-loss can be when putting our methods into practice and annoyed at how much money you've wasted on other diets over the years!


Below you will see just a few of our many client success stories. But for a more in-depth look at what it's like to be a Munro member, look no further than our members-run Instagram account @Clan_Munro We have a huge online community on Instagram where our members all interact and support each other outwith our Facebook coaching platforms. Every week, since August 2019, a new Munro member has taken over the account to share insights into their journeys with us and how they are putting our method in to practice to achieve their goals with us.




A question I get asked a lot:
‘Will you be able to help me?’

This usually comes with a lengthy dieting history featuring most of the popular fad diets on the market. Sometimes they'll share comments "coaches" or "consultants" have made. 

"You should move you 'target' and just accept you’ve gone as far as you can." (You haven't)

"There must be something wrong with their ‘metabolism’." (there isn't)

"You need to try harder, you don't 'want it' enough?" (You're probably trying hard at the wrong things)

The only problem you've had is that you've chosen the wrong plans. You've followed the wrong 'diets.

Your doctor might have said you'll struggle or even be unable to lose weight due to a medical condition like: Thyroid issues, PCOS or diabetes.

You may be planning a pregnancy, pregnant or breastfeeding and unsure about what you can and can't do or what you should and shouldn't be eating. 

We are here to help you cut through the noise, the myths, the lies and the empty promises. You only need to follow my Instagram and our members to see how successful we are!



Things you probably already have:

- A Smartphone or Tablet
- Access to Facebook (essential)
- The 'MyFitnessPal' App (free version)
- An open mind
- A willingness to listen and learn
- A readiness to invest in your future self

The first 3 will get you started, the last 3 will put you on the 'fast track' to success. We will encourage you to take part in any form of physical activity., though it's not mandatory for fat-loss. Something as simple as walking, or setting a daily step goal can help you progress faster, but more importantly, lay the foundations for a habit that could aid in the long-term maintenance of your weight loss.

When you start implementing the things we teach and promote in the group, it's not just you that benefits.

I have seen some incredible transformations from people that are not even members! Husbands and wives losing weight with ZERO effort or intention simply from eating similarly to their partners.

When you develop your nutritional awareness the quality of your diet improves. Anyone you cook or care for reaps the benefits from this too.

You may even reach a point where you are re-educating family members, friends and colleagues and shooting down the latest fad diet with science and facts!

Change your diet, change your life.

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