Who Are We? 

Welcome to Munro Fitness & Nutrition. We are a mixed team of nutritionists and PT's with a shared aim; to coach you, every step of the way, towards your goals. If you want to get fitter, faster, stronger, lighter or would just like to learn how to eat a little better and maintain a healthy weight. We are here to support anyone, on any journey.


Munro Fitness was initially founded on Instagram and we have a huge online community. Curious? Click the icon above & you will have access to  80,000+ posts from our members who use our #munrofitness hashtag to give you an insight in to a day in the life of a ‘Munro Fitness’ member.


We are going to re-program your way of thinking when it comes to nutrition. We're going to debunk all the myths you believe, wiping the slate clean and then re-build your knowledge from the ground up. We take great pride in our simplified, no-nonsense approach to nutrition so no matter your background or base knowledge, everything we teach is going to be accessible at any level


What we do in the group is not 'One-size-fits-all'. You are not buying a meal plan. You are going to learn how to calculate your nutritional needs based on your body composition, activity level and how to manipulate these in order to achieve your desired goals.


On the 1st of January 2018 I launched ‘Munro Fitness’ with only a handful of members. Fast forward 18 months and we now have a group 2100+ members strong. Now obviously, I can’t coach that number of people on my own so my team has had to grow too! As well as me we have 3 other, experienced coaches ready to assist you towards your goals.

MF is not set up like the ‘Big Slimming Groups’ you may have tried in the past. These groups are designed to set you up for failure. Think about it. Do you lose weight when you’re ‘on-plan’ and then gain weight when you go back to normal?

If that sounds familiar then it’s not a ‘plan’ you need. It’s your ‘normal’ that needs fixed and that’s exactly what we aim to do.

My goal is to make sure that you leave my group, not only at your goal but, armed with all the tools, knowledge and skills to maintain that goal in the long term and NEVER have to pay to lose the same weight again.

Munro Fitness isn’t just about looking after you while you’re paying member, it’s about making sure you know how to look after yourself when you’re not.


A question I get asked a lot:
‘Will you be able to help me?’


Usually because people have been chewed up and spat out by the big slimming groups so many times they feel like they’re a lost cause.

That they should just accept they’ve gotten as far as they can go.

That there must be something wrong with their ‘metabolism’.

Maybe there’s just something wrong with you?

I’m here to tell you… there isn’t!

You are not a lost cause and you can, and will, be helped.

No matter your goal:
Muscle gain
Or, maybe you would just like to earn how to bring more balance to your diet and lifestyle.

Munro Fitness is set up to help everyone.


- Bathroom & Kitchen scales.
- Facebook (essential to join the group)
- My Fitness Pal App (free version)
- Lots of patience.

And that’s it!

You are not going to be given unrealistic targets to hit. Exercise is going to be ‘encouraged’ but completely optional. As a husband and father to two young boys, I understand how precious time can be, especially around work, and other, commitments.

I love knowing that the changes I can make to your dietary habits, are going to have a positive, lasting impact on anyone that you are responsible for too because their nutrition is only going to improve along with yours.

You may have experienced ‘Dietary Isolation’ in the past, where you are eating your ‘on-plan’ meal while your family is tucking in to something you’d much rather be having?

It’s really important to me that you and your family are sitting down to the same meals and eating together and as a part of Munro Fitness, you’ll learn how to do just that.

Become a part of our strong & supportive community

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